About Danny

Danny Bedwell is no stranger to the core values of the family man or the needs of the everyday citizen. He grew up in a small town with 6 siblings. He joined the Navy right out of High School, where he moved up in rank by his own achievements to that of Navy Diver Instructor. It was in the Navy where he met his wife, Sheri, of Steens, Mississippi. He retired from the Navy after 20 years of service, and loves to share a story or two of his days as a diver.

After retiring, he and Sheri moved to Columbus, Mississippi, where they currently reside with their daughter, Caroline. He is part owner of a large company that exports wood products to both Canada and Mexico. Because of this, he is no stranger to international trade law, budgeting, and the red tape the Federal and State governments use to tie the hands of the entrepreneur.

His passion for liberty and individualism, eventually led him to serve for many years as Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Mississippi. He has also been a Regional Representative for the National Libertarian Party, and a former Congressional candidate for the First Congressional District against Alan Nunnelee. Danny never waivers from the principles of liberty and he enjoys discussing with anyone willing to listen.