America is at a crossroads: Continue on the path of identity politics and unchecked spending OR change course and put on the brakes?  We think it's time to slow down before we cross the Rubicon.  In 2016, we were promised that the swamp would be drained, however, it seems like it was only added to, not drained.  Massive turnovers in the White House, in fighting in both parties.  It's time for some REAL change.  Danny Bedwell wants to be YOUR Senator.  The Senator FOR the people, who will listen to YOU and tell Washington what YOU want, not the other way around.  Far too often do we have candidates make grandiose promises only to do the exact opposite once elected.  Danny is not that candidate, if it's not good for everyone, it's not good at all.

This November, Vote BEDWELL FOR SENATE!  Put your trust in Danny, and he promises he'll never ask for it again.